Costa Rica Yoga Retreats

As your health and wellness guide I teach you how to live better in your body.

I support you in making simple lifestyle changes, from practicing therapeutic yoga techniques to aligning with nature’s daily and seasonal rhythms.

With extensive experience in yoga and Ayurveda practices, I offer customized wellness coaching; wellness online coursesprivate and semi-private yoga lessons in San Diego, and yoga retreats in Costa Rica and Tuscany, Italy.

I’m on a mission to help increase energy and decrease stress by sleeping better and eating healthier. I created my 1-on-1 wellness and health programs so that you can feel amazing in body, mind, and spirit.

Not sure which health and wellness program is right for you? I’d love to set up a complimentary 30 minute phone, Skype or FaceTime consultation to discuss your specific health and wellness needs and goals. Please click here to schedule a time!