Get back to feeling like yourself. 

Would you like to enjoy yoga and get back to the things you love?

Is pain interfering with your yoga practice, as well as walking, running, hiking and more?

  • Does your body ache when getting up and down?

  • Do even small movements cause discomfort?

  • Is your body tight and stiff?

  • Do you dread getting out of bed each morning because you know your body will hurt?

  • Are you hoping that yoga can make you stronger, and improve your balance and flexibility, but find that group classes are difficult because your joints ache?

  • Is it tough to do yoga poses that you once enjoyed?

  • Would you like to feel like yourself once again?

Joint pain has many causes. Although misalignment of the body can contribute to joint pain, there’s so much more to it!

  • Learn ways to be pain free AND how to sleep better and have more energy:

  • How to make sure your joint pain doesn’t worsen in yoga poses.

  • Steps to increase your energy, which also reduces joint pain.

  • Ways to sleep better and wake up feeling great.

With the Pain Free and Energized online group program, you'll learn how to get back to feeling like yourself. 

Space is limited to 10 participants.

Ready to alleviate your pain without drugs or surgery? Fill out this quick form to apply to the program.




Spring 2019
Three Month Program Starts Late February

Ready to relieve your Joint Pain and feel like yourself again? Fill out this quick form to apply for the online program. If I think it's a good fit for you, I'll be in touch to schedule a complimentary one on one Pain Free Discovery Session.




I get sick less and less, have more energy and feel more present to my life and everyone in it.

“I’ve participated in this program twice a year for the past few years and it has become my touchstone for realignment with the habits that best support my health and evolution."

— Tracy Spencer

I crave less sugar, and get my sweetness in other, healthier ways.

“People have been asking where I learned to cook the things I eat, and tell me that they are inspired by my habits. I am proud to share I learned them from the Reset and Renew Program. I forgive myself when I mess up and have learned to love to be proud of what I cook and eat. ”

— Becca McMurdie

My digestion feels so much better.

“I’ve always had issues with digestion, and  stopped snacking in between meals which was huge for me. I was no longer bloated and am able to feel my hunger.  I have so much gratitude to Marjorie and the whole Reset and Renew group because their support helped me stick with the program.”

— Geneve