Feel good in your body. 

Finding your way to wellness starts with achieving balance. When we’re living in balance, we naturally experience good energy levels and approach life with an upbeat attitude. To obtain balance, we must learn to understand the wisdom of our own bodies.

The first step, then, starts with tuning into what your body communicates to you. By trustfully listening to your body’s messages, you establish a strong platform for a lifetime of wellness.

If you’re committed to achieving and maintaining your greatest sense of wellbeing, I can help. I will guide you in both enhancing and sustaining consistency in your wellness patterns. 

As your personal wellness guide, I’ll help you craft a 3 or 6 month plan to markedly change how you feel in your body and set you on your path of vitality. Expect to:

  • Wake up each morning feeling well rested
  • Maximize and even out your daily energy levels
  • See your life journey in a positive light
  • Feel hopeful about your future health and well-being
  • Improve your digestion
  • Choose and prepare delicious, healthy, plant centric meals
  • Greater freedom from joint pain
  • Increased relief from allergies

Since each person’s body has different needs, I will work with you on an individualized basis, customizing a sustainable program that suits your needs.

To get started, schedule your complimentary 30-minute health and wellness consultation. 



Marjorie has helped me to make healthier choices around food.

“I’ve learned to plan and prepare healthy meals in advance. Marjorie is a warm, supportive teacher and working with her has helped me to feel more comfortable around food and more appreciative of food.”

— Nancy R.

A wealth of knowledge!

“Working with her has led me to better health and an overall improvement of my mind/body/soul. Beyond her amazing knowledge, I simply enjoy being in Marjorie's presence. Her delivery of information is filled with so much grace and passion that I could listen to her speak all day.”

— Betsy B.

Marjorie is magic.

“She suggests practical practices with patience and compassion. When met with my resistance (which happens), she is persistent and creative, but never pushy. I did a 10 month course to essentially work on grounding through a crazy amount of travel and improving my sleep habits. Marjorie has guided me in making shifts that I never thought were possible.”

— Holly H.