Thriving Through The Seasons Telecourse Late Winter 2013

Get to know your body from the inside out through daily and seasonal practices of yoga and Ayurveda.

Learn to transition through the season of late Winter and into Spring filled with ease and joy




"Initially I began taking Marjorie's New York City yoga classes, and found her online courses are a way of taking the yoga off the mat. Through what I learned in both Marjorie's telecourses in late 2012, the Reset and Renew Cleanse and Thriving Through The Seasons, I am taking better care of myself, cooking more, and sharing some of the simple tips with my nine year old daughter. The changes I make are impacting her health for the better as well as my own. I look forward to continuing telecourses with Marjorie this year."- Laura P













Free Bonus Teleclass: Learn to Thrive in Late Winter and Throughout the Transition into Spring

















Reviews of the free teleclass, Learn to Thrive Through the Fall Season:

"I thought it was great and really very interesting, especially the tips about what to put in your warm water to remain hydrated, and eating seasonally and warming foods." Alyson Abrami

"This was great. I was exhausted on my couch, literally in a pile of folded laundry trying to figure out how I was going to make a dinner happen, and I got this email….so I listened to the recording and while I listened, I totally perked up and cooked an awesome dinner. I cook every night, and now I am making homemade baby food, so I went from really not having a clue a few years ago, to being totally immersed and needing/wanting to learn more and more and more as my life calls for it more and more. This is so so helpful. I also love that I can listen to it whenever I have the chance. So great, because I never know how my nights will pan out with the baby. I am signing up for your course for sure." Taryn Longo

 "Thoughtful, detailed, actionable. The best!" Daniel Bowman Simon

















Through this four week telecourse, you will learn WHY when we are out of alignment with nature we fail to thrive, and HOW through simple, seasonal practices we can learn to enhance our body’s natural immune strength and ABILITY TO THRIVE. As we transition through the Late Winter and into early Spring season, do you experience?

  • Congestion, colds and flu?
  • A heavy sluggishness in the body?
  • Difficulty awakening in the morning
  • Low energy.
  • Discomfort from weight gained over the winter?
  • Digestive disturbances?
  • Insomnia or restless sleep during the night?

Marjorie Nass, yoga teacher and wellness expert experienced major depression and digestive disorders from her early teens through her mid thirties.  Since 1999, through the practices of Yoga, Ayurveda – the healing science of yoga – and meditation, Marjorie has not only healed, but created a level of Thriving Health. Learn to create a relaxed relationship with your body, and to create new patterns of wellness throughout the seasons to strengthen your immune system and avoid depression, digestive disturbances, colds and flu, and experience an exceptional level of health in all areas of your life.

































Pay Now $129









Why a telecourse?

Attending four straight weeks of a class live and in person includes time spent commuting, and away from your family and loved ones.  This can be stressful, so enjoy the telecourse from the comfort of your home.

  • Join the course from anywhere in the world.
  • Listen and participate on the call from your home or cell phone.
  • If you can’t make one or more of the calls live, the recording will be available and emailed to you the following day.
  • You can download the recording onto your iphone or computer, and listen repeatedly to reinforce the teachings on Thriving Though the Seasons.
  • The technology is interactive, so you will be able to “Raise your hand” and ask questions when you are live on the call.
  • Email Marjorie with questions if you won’t be on the call live, which she will answer on the call.

How does this Thriving Through the Seasons telecourse work?

  • Register online for the telecourse at the link at the bottom of this page (Buy Now).
  • You will receive a Thriving Through the Seasons members email
  • You will gain access to the Thriving Through the Seasons Members Web Page with the recorded calls, yoga videos and handouts.
  • You will gain access to a members only Facebook Group, an online forum where participants meet and connect with one another,  interact, and pose questions.

How much will yoga be a part of the course and how will that work since it’s a teleclass?

  • The physical practice of yoga is an essential tool to thrive, rather than just survive.
  • Through basic descriptions of the poses on the call, you will learn how and when to practice.
  • Videos of the poses will be available on a special members only web page for Thriving Through the Seasons.  Additional handouts and links will be posted on the web page as well.


Week One – Evening routines

In order to start out each day with the Intention to Thrive, we will learn to end each evening with simple practices for the body and mind.

  • Breathing techniques
  • Gratitude
  • Meditation
  • Restorative poses
  • Oil massage for the body and feet
  • Yummy beverages to promote sound sleep


Week Two – Morning Routines

Upon awakening, we can choose how to set the tone for our day.

  • What are you taking in first thing in the morning?
  • What thoughts arise as you awaken?
  • Optimal morning rhythms and routines.
  • Yoga poses and meditation.
  • Breakfast suggestions and recipes for late Winter and the shift towards Spring


Week Three – What are you taking in throughout the day?

  • Nourishing yourself.
  • Food, hunger and meals.
  • Learn to listen to the messages your body is sending.
  • Optimal daily rhythms: The how, when, where and why of food.


Week Four – Bringing it all together


































Pay Now $129









Learn why when we are out of alignment with nature we fail to thrive, and how through simple, seasonal practices we can learn to enhance our body’s natural immune strength and ability to thrive. Questions? Please email with your questions about the Thriving Through the Seasons telecourse.

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