Get the guidance you need to re-balance your life

(it’s easier than you think!)

Eating healthy is a breeze when you’re armed with a ready-made eating plan to re-energize and uplift you.

Uncover the real reasons why you’re not feeling so great and apply simple, natural solutions that will bring your energy back in no time.

Before I discovered the power of seasonal cleansing to restore health and vitality, I had terrible allergies, would get sick all the time and suffered from depression for many years…

As I began to do seasonal cleanses, my health and overall wellbeing totally transformed.

  • In my 40s, went from feeling tired, depressed, depleted, heavy, bloated and sluggish to feeling better than I’d ever felt during my 20s and 30s

  • The extra weight that used to creep up over the winter quickly dropped and I started to look as great as I was feeling

  • After spending just 3 weeks following a reset program, I felt lighter and clearer, with glowing skin and uplifted spirits

It totally transformed my health and my life, leading my studies as a Yoga teacher and practitioner in the ancient Indian mind-body science of Ayurveda. The skills and techniques I learned made me realize that it’s truly the smallest changes to our daily life that have the most power to bring us to a very high standard of health and well-being.

The thing is, we’re all very familiar with the idea of looking after ourselves, but in reality… it’s putting it into practice that’s the biggest challenge.

I did my first cleanse unsupervised and didn’t follow it completely, which turned out to be really hard on my digestion. Once I started working with a professional practitioner, it made the process so much easier – knowing what to expect, and having the support and guidance at every step – which brought much better results.


I’ve now worked with 100s of students, both on my reset program and with private clients, and I’ve seen, time and time again, the powerful results generated by simple,  practical steps that easily lead to new levels of health and feeling fantastic.

I know how easy it is get overwhelmed with all the information out there on how we should be living our lives… it gets to the point that we’re so bombarded it becomes impossible to actually implement any new information into practice or produce real-world results.

Unfortunately there are so many fad diets and fancy products out there to distract us from the single most important thing we should be doing… listening to our bodies!!

… and where it’s easy for you to live a balanced day-to-day lifestyle because you’ve proven to yourself what WORKS and what doesn’t


… Imagine living in a body that is in balance and provides you with all the energy you need to look great, feel great and live a life you love


What People Are Saying about Reset and Renew


I get sick less and less, have more energy, and feel more present to my life and everyone in it. I’ve participated in this program twice a year for the past few years and it has become my touchstone for realignment with the habits that best support my health and evolution.



Tracy Spencer

People have been asking where I learned to cook the things I eat, and tell me that they are inspired by my habits. I am proud to share I learned them from the Reset and Renew Program. I crave less sugar, and get my sweetness in other, healthier ways. I forgive myself when I mess up and have learned to love to be proud of what I cook and eat. 



Becca McMurdie

My digestion feels so much better. I’ve always had issues with digestion, and  stopped snacking in between meals which was huge for me. I was no longer bloated and am able to feel my hunger.  I have so much gratitude to Marjorie and the whole Reset and Renew group because their support helped me stick with the program.



I’m THRILLED to report that I feel incredible!




Sherry S.

I LOVE the recipes! And I’m more in tune w/what I want for myself.  What I realize through participating in the Program is that I don’t have to be perfect. Once I get over the hump of doing something differently, & see the positive effect it has, I can say, ‘I like the way that I feel. I think I’ll continue to do that.’



Marlene Arvan

Marjorie’s Reset and Renew programs shifted my awareness and life patterns.The transformation happened slowly in a subtle way, but steadily. Rather than controlling my life patterns, the program taught me how to participate and engage in life using wisdom, awareness, and sensitivity. Thank you Marjorie and the Reset and Renew community.



Shiho Michishita Versoza

My seasonal allergies and my allergies to cats have been reduced dramatically.  I don’t have to take allergy medicine and I have more energy, making me feel happier.  This started since I began the Reset & Renew with Marjorie 3 years ago. I feel calmer even though I have a very busy schedule. Also I feel so grounded.  I have so much more energy In the morning, making it easier to get up and I’m sleeping better!  The program is a great way to take a deep breath, I ask myself, do I have any food I can cook now rather than relying on takeout?  Thank you Marjorie, the Wellness Guru!  I look forward to the next cleanse.





Before starting this program I couldn’t fit into most of my clothes and was always tired. But more important, I felt out of control. I ate anything in front of me. Now, going on 10 days, I am 9 lbs lighter, I have more energy than I’ve had in a long time and most important, I feel in control of myself. I just made a wonderful salad for lunch and started eating because it was ‘lunch time’. I took a couple of bites and realized I really wasn’t that hungry so I stopped. I feel so powerful! I am also amazed at how little I do need to eat to still feel nourished, full and satisfied! Yippee!!


Cate S.

I’m pleased to say I’ve made lifelong changes as a result of the Reset and Renew Program. I initially participated because I wanted to get healthier, especially with my eating. I’ve always struggled with weight, and doing your program was a new way to work on my eating issues. As a result of the program, I became much more conscious about all aspects of my eating – what, how, when, where and why – and developed the tools to make changes. I also learned to implement a whole set of daily healthy habits and routines, and as a result feel so much more confident in my ability to take care of myself. I’m looking forward to setting new goals for myself and to keep striving for better health. I’d encourage anyone who wants to make positive health changes to join the Reset and Renew Program. It is a gentle way to become more aware of your patterns, to reset your health habits and to learn many valuable tools to take forward into your life after the end of the program.



Janet Thaler


You CAN have the health you deserve, but you must stop putting off doing the things you KNOW your body needs …


Join My

Get the support you need to take fantastic care of your body

(So it can start supporting you better than ever before)

  • Discover the simple lifestyle routines of Ayurveda to bring your body back into balance.

  • Get a comprehensive and straightforward eating plan that will reenergize you.

  • Learn short and sweet yoga poses that will change your life.

  • Get community support to make these important lifestyle changes easy and fun

You’ll get 3 weeks of simple steps to create healthy habits that will totally transform your body and mind from the inside out

I’ll share all the life-changing information that led me to feel my best starting in my 40s.

You’ll get a huge amount of support and live connection over 5 live coaching calls together. 

You’ll find it easy to stick to the program with daily emails of encouragement.

You’ll be able to share stories and support through a Facebook group filled with others going through the same experience. 

PLUS you’ll get individual support from me on a 20 minute one-on-one follow up session to set you off on the right track at the end of the program.

Throughout each module, you’ll discover simple lifestyle strategies that will support you in the most effective ways, along with a healthy eating strategy that eliminates all inflammatory foods to allow your body to completely cleanse and reset to its natural level of balanced health.


Every module is packed with additional readings, videos and other resources that will provide you with everything you need to know (without overwhelming you) so that you can follow the protocols with confidence that you’re making the right choices for your body.


Here’s what we’ll cover together:



Lesson 1: Set Yourself Up for Success

~ Get clear on WHY you want to feel better

~ Understand the importance of prioritizing time for yourself

~ Identify the triggers that keep you from being and feeling your best

~ Experience clarity in your body and mind

Lesson 2: The Importance of Sleep

~ Understand the importance of getting a good night’s sleep

~ Implement the strategy of an earlier, lighter dinner

~ Examine ways to schedule the earlier dinner meal and an ideal evening

~ Understand the signs of fatigue

Lesson 3: Healthier Eating - Part One

~ Understand the importance of getting a good night’s sleep

~ Implement the strategy of an earlier, lighter dinner

~ Examine ways to schedule the earlier dinner meal and an ideal evening

~ Understand the signs of fatigue

Lesson 4: The Four Tendencies

~ Understand your personal tendency when dealing with expectations to help optimize habits

~ Establish an accountability partner on the Facebook group if outer accountability is helpful for your tendency

~ Offer to help someone else be accountable so they succeed 

~ Strategize to overcome obstacles that might interfere with your success


Lesson 5: The Importance of Sleep - Part Two

~ Modify and optimize your evening activities

~ Understand the effects of electronics on your body and mind during sleep

~ Cultivate a new evening rhythm to optimize sleep

~ Notice the signs of fatigue when they occur

Lesson 6: Healthier Eating - Mindfulness

~ Identify the sensations of hunger

~ Understand the importance of fully digesting before eating again

~ Implement the rest and digest mode with a breathing technique

Lesson 7: Daily Self Care Habits

~ Discover simple Ayurvedic practices of self-care, which lead the body back towards its natural state of ease and joy

~ Create daily rituals to calm the nervous system and encourage a deeper connection with oneself.

Lesson 8: Optimal Evening Routines

~ Appreciate why we can’t go directly from going full steam ahead to sleeping without intentional evening routines

~ Continue to adjust your dinner ritual to optimize your digestion

~ Implement evening yoga and breathing practices to facilitate moving into rest and digest mode and promote a good night’s sleep

Lesson 9: Healthy Eating - Part Three

~ Prepare and eat a primarily whole foods, plant-centric diet based on what’s seasonally available

~ Distinguish the difference between conventionally raised and sustainable, organic and locally farmed food

~ Identify the optimal healthy oils and fats to eat and cook with

~ Discover the effects of sugar on emotions and the body

Lesson 10: Early Morning Elimination

~ Encourage your body to eliminate first thing in the morning before eating

~ Continue daily rituals to stimulate healthy digestion

~ Practice yoga postures to get the body moving in the morning

Lesson 11: Sleep Breathing

~ Implement Sleep Breathing, the breath that puts the body into the Rest and Restore Mode.

Lesson 12: Healthy Eating - Mindfulness Part Two

~ Activate the rest and digest mode of the parasympathetic nervous system through breathing before eating

~ Discover the importance of expressing gratitude for the food you eat

~ Learn a digestion enhancing breathing technique

Lesson 13: Establishing a Morning Mindfulness Practice

~ Implement a morning mindfulness meditation to cultivate a deeper awareness in all areas of your life

~ Uncover how a mindfulness practice impacts every area of your life

Lesson 14: Eating in Restaurants and Attending Special Events

~ Prepare survival strategies to use when you eat out

~ Plan to make the best choices possible

~ Identify triggers that could cause you to go off track and lose resolve

~ Learn how to enjoy the company of others despite lifestyle challenges


Lesson 15 - Transitioning off Reset and Renew Eating Guidelines

~ Understand how to optimally transition off the Reset and Renew food guidelines

~ Investigate how reintroducing foods one at a time will allow you to observe the effects of the individual foods physically, mentally and emotionally

~ Identify if you are an Abstainer or Moderator to determine whether certain triggering foods should remain off limits or whether they can remain with particular parameters

Lesson 16: Next Steps - Successfully transitioning into a simple, healthy life.

~ Compound your new, nourishing self-care practices

~ Create a plan to maintain your radiant skin, better sleep, brighter mood, increase in energy, and release of weight.

~ Complete a survey to see how far you’ve come in the program

BONUS: Recipe Book  


You’ll have all the delicious recipes you’ll need to keep you well nourished and satisfied throughout the 3 weeks, including:

  • The power of bone broth

  • A delicious recipe for Kitchari – an Ayurvedic powerhouse for easy digestion often used during traditional cleansing

  • A selection of healthy treats

  • A list of resources with guides to Water Filters and Safer Food Storage.


BONUS: One-On-One Session With Me   

Don’t forget, we’ll get a 20-minute follow up session together via phone, Facetime or Skype to check in and make sure you’re all set to keep up the great work you’ve been doing!

Moving forward, you’ll possess new tools to consciously choose what you need to thrive and stay on the path of health and well being including:

  • Eating a foundation of whole, non-processed foods

  • Prioritizing self-care rituals

  • Living by a schedule that aligns with nature’s rhythms

These are the lifestyle strategies that totally transformed my life. I never would have thought that simply finding a way to become more connected to my body and my breathing would have such profound results.

Finding connection and ease in your body is the key to living your life to the fullest…


It’s so simple… and yet so difficult to achieve when you don’t have the right support.


If you’ve enough of the excess weight… unstable moods… skin breakouts… joint

pain… and feeling less than your best… the time to change is NOW!


Jump on this opportunity to set yourself up for a summer like no other

Spring is the optimal time to cleanse your body and renew your outlook…

No more excuses…

Get the professional support you need to succeed at taking care of yourself the way

you KNOW you should be….


Reset and Renew Spring 2017 Program

Get ready for a life-changing 3 weeks!




Receive Individual Support

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