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Cultivate A Deeper Awareness of Yourself





From participants in the Fall Reset and Renew Cleanse:

You have made me so much more aware of habits and resistances. Thank you for it all." – Holly Horvath

“I loved this cleanse. I learned a lot, and would highly recommend it to others.”




Listen to the Teleclass: Three Ways You'll Benefit From a Spring Cleanse

Marjorie Nass has been cleansing seasonally for ten years.  Through her experience as a yoga teacher who incorporates yoga’s healing science of Ayurveda, she teaches people who live in the modern world how to follow ancient traditions to experience more ease and joy in their lives.


How do you know if you’ll benefit from this cleanse?

Do you answer yes to any of these questions?


  • I catch a cold or the flu in the early Spring.
  • I experience Spring allergies every year.
  • I experience seasonal depression.
  • I'd like to lose the excess weight I put on in the Winter



A cleanse isn’t just about shifting your food patterns!

What you take in and how you nourish yourself is more than about what you eat.


Do you want to develop healthier habits to build your immune system?


Have you thought about doing a cleanse, but aren’t sure where to begin, what to eat, or how to incorporate it into your busy lifestyle?



Reset and Renew Fall 2012 Cleanse Testimonials:

Just wanted to send a "thank you" for that incredible experience on the Reset and Renew cleanse! I have been on a quest for health for the last decade but have always been cautious about trying a cleanse…did not want to trigger old habits from focusing so much on what I was eating and NOT eating. Well, when a friend sent me this link the whole thing sounded absolutely "perfect!"

I am THRILLED to report that I feel incredible, LOVED the recipes that I tried, have implemented some of these guidelines in my most recent shopping for the family and feel so proud, humble, excited and calm about the possibilities of the future!

I believe that there are no accidents in life and it all happens in the order that is "perfect" for each of us and this experience was "perfect" for this phase of my life! The real "holy cow" moment came when you started one of your emails with a quote from Geneen Roth…that woman (through her writings) profoundly altered the course of my life. I have shared her humor and brilliance with many through the years and it just brought me full-circle. Keep up the good work/your passion as the joy/lessons/brilliance it spreads is catchy!!! Much gratitude!! – S.S.

“My awareness in my food choices has shifted considerably since I feel better since the cleanse and have a bit more knowledge about what's out there. I have a deeper appreciate for local food and am excited to shop each weekend, or at least as much as I can, at the markets. I look forward to cooking more as well, since it's healthier and more cost effective. I was also reminded during this time that I need to slow down. I'm always in a hurry to take everything in all at once when I feel inspired. I want to read everything, take all the classes, write everything down, remember everything (almost like cramming a lot food in my body all at once!) but I realize that the information I'm wanting to take in will always be there and that this a process. I can learn everything and "be set" in one go. It takes time and it's more enjoyable in the long run. Trying to do everything at once is overwhelming. One last thing – I was reminded that I don't have to do everything perfectly either.”


During the seven day Reset and Renew Cleanse you will learn:

  • Optimal daily routines and rhythms to create more ease and joy in your life.
  • Practical steps to simplify your obligations during the cleanse.
  • What to add to your diet, and what you’ll want to minimize or eliminate.


Daily emails delivered each morning will encourage you to develop new patterns of wellness in all areas of your life.

A special members page for the Reset and Renew Cleanse includes exclusive yoga videos and a recipe packet, as well as food guidelines to follow during the cleanse.

All participants gain access to a private Facebook page for support during the Reset and Renew Cleanse.









Upon Registration You Will Receive A Follow Up Email With Details About the Cleanse

Four live, one hour and 15 minute calls are also recorded and available for you to download and listen at your convenience.

Call One. Pre Cleanse Call. Design your intention and your seven day cleanse experience.

Call Two.  Beginning your cleanse. Specific food guidelines and non food nourishment

Call Three Mid Cleanse Q & A.  Check in during your seven day cleanse and share your questions and experiences.

Call Four. Cleanse wrap up.  Coming out of your cleanse. How can you maintain the new healthier patterns and routines you've developed?



Frequently asked questions about the Reset and Renew Cleanse:


Is this a liquids only cleanse?

No. The Reset and Renew Cleanse is designed to give your system a break from foods that require the most energy to digest. You will be encouraged to listen to your own body, and eat a nourishing, freshly prepared whole foods diet. The recipe packet does include juices and smoothies, along with soups, salads and other cooked vegetarian menu items.


Can I eat at restaurants during the cleanse?

Yes. Preparing more of your meals than you usually do is encouraged. You will learn how to skillfully navigate restaurant menus AND how to answer questions from your friends, family and coworkers about why you’re doing the cleanse.


Do I have to quit coffee?

Great question. Eliminating coffee during a cleanse can be a powerful step, leading towards greater physical health and mental clarity. It’s recommended that caffeine, alcohol, processed food and sugar be eliminated during the cleanse. If you plan to do the cleanse and are a coffee drinker, you can begin cutting back right away, so the transition is more gradual. Slowly mixing decaf with your caffeinated coffee over the course of a week, or longer will help you to wean off caffeine. Drink plenty of fresh water during this transition. The cleanse will be easier if you’ve already eliminated the coffee in advance.




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