Marjorie’s Health & Wellness Story

meet marjorie nassI turned 50 a few years ago, and I’ve never felt better. I didn’t always feel so good—not even in my 20s and 30s.

I was once all too familiar with the tolls of stress and depression. For a decade, I ran myself ragged climbing the corporate career ladder, ignoring my body’s warning signals to slow down. As a result, I routinely suffered from digestive issues and slogged through never-ending colds and flus.

Finally, an episode of major depression forced me to heed my body’s messages. “Marjorie, listen up,” my body seemed to say. “Something has to give. Something has to change.”

Depressed and de-energized, I couldn’t ignore my body any longer. It was time to shake things up, to transcend my funk. It was time to live life, not just trudge my way through it.

In my quest for health and wellness, I found yoga and was surprised at how effectively the poses got me out of my head. I suddenly felt connected to my body and my breathing. As my yoga practice advanced, I realized that finding connection and ease in the body is our road to living at our healthiest and fullest.

The benefits of yoga were so profound for me that I wanted to share its healing effects with others (I also wanted to wear comfy yoga clothes all day!). And so began my path as a yoga teacher. When my yoga studies led me to Ayurveda, I started folding India’s mind-body science into my personal practice, along with my classes and workshops.

Ready to feel better in your body too? Join my yoga classes, health workshops, and yoga retreats. I can also be your health and wellness coach. May you always feel good in all areas of your life.

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