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Reset & Renew 10 Day Program
A lighter, more joyful you in just 10 days

This Program is much more than detoxing the body and establishing a healthier relationship with food. It’s also about nourishing yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually.

I’ve been cleansing seasonally for more than 11 years, and in this tele-course, I blend my experiences as a yoga teacher with my knowledge of Ayurveda, India’s healing and lifestyle science, which is also called the “traditional medicine of the people.” In Reset & Renew, you’ll glean insights on creating greater ease and joy in your busy modern life with 5,000 year-old wellness traditions.

Reset & Renew is the perfect rejuvenator for those who:

  • Want a practical and easy plan for healthier eating
  • Want better energy
  • Experience anxiety and depression
  • Seek simplified self-care
  • Would like to shed excess weight
  • Have sleep issues including insomnia and restless sleep
  • Experience stiffness, pain and discomfort in the joints and/or back
  • Battle allergies 
  • Need an immunity boost

Reviews for Reset & Renew Program:

"I am pleased to say I've made lifelong changes as a result of the Reset and Renew Program. I initially participated because I wanted to get healthier, especially with my eating. I've always struggled with weight, and doing your program was a new way to work on my eating issues. As a result of the program, I became much more conscious about all aspects of my eating – what, how, when, where and why – and developed the tools to make changes. I also learned to implement a whole set of daily healthy habits and routines, and as a result feel so much more confident in my ability to take care of myself.
I loved doing the Reset and Renew program with a group, and enjoyed participating in the online forum and teleclasses. Hearing about others' experiences and sharing my own made it easier during any difficult moments, and the feeling of camaraderie was great.

I am really looking forward to doing the program for the third time this spring. It's fun and interesting to continue, as each time I'm starting from a brand new place. I'm looking forward to setting new goals for myself and to keep striving for better health. I would encourage anyone who wants to make positive health changes to join the Reset and Renew Program. It is a gentle way to become more aware of your patterns, to reset your health habits and to learn  many valuable tools to take forward into your life after the end of the program." – Janet Thaler


Reset & Renew is a 10-day live tele-course. 

Can’t make some of the live teleclasses? Each hour long class will be recorded and available as a download to listen at your convenience.You can also post questions for me on the Private online forum.

Call 1: Monday April 21st 7pm ET Program Intro. Set commitments and intentions, the foundation of your Reset & Renew success.
Call 2: Wednesday April 23rd 7pm Reset and Renew 101 Part ONE. You’ll receive specific food guidelines, along with tips to keep your mind and spirit nourished.
Call 3: Saturday April 26th 11am ET Reset and Renew 101 Part TWO. 
Call 4: Wednesday April 30th 7pm ET Winding down your Reset and Renew Program
Call 5: Saturday May 3rd 11 am ET Wrap-up. Learn how to maintain the healthier patterns and routines you’ve developed.


In addition to the 5 tele-sessions, you’ll receive:

  • A comprehensive Reset and Renew Program guide with recipes, wellness practices and routines, and articles
  • Daily encouragement and tips via email
  • Access to exclusive Reset & Renew Program yoga videos, recipes, and food guidelines
  • Community program support via an invite-only Facebook page

More reviews for Reset & Renew Program:

“I am THRILLED to report that I feel incredible. I LOVED the recipes that I tried, and I have implemented some of the guidelines in my most recent shopping for the family. Much gratitude!” – S.S.

Click here to join us for the Reset and Renew 10 Day Program

April 23-May 2, 2014



Reset & Renew Program FAQS:

Will I be eating regular food on the program? Absolutely. With Reset & Renew, you give your system a break from foods requiring the most energy to digest. You’ll be encouraged to listen to your own body while enjoying a nourishing, freshly prepared, whole foods diet. The cleanse menu includes recipes for juices and smoothies, soups, salads, and cooked vegetarian meals.
Can I eat at restaurants during the cleanse? Yes, although preparing more of your meals is encouraged. You will learn how to skillfully navigate restaurant menus and how to answer questions from your friends, family and coworkers about why you’re participating in the program.
Should I quit coffee? Eliminating coffee during a cleanse is a powerful step towards greater physical health and mental clarity. If you're a regular coffee drinker, begin gradually cutting back on your caffeine intake at least a week before the cleanse and you’ll find it easier to wean yourself off it altogether. Drink plenty of fresh water during this transition. The program will be easier and more effective if you’ve already eliminated drinking coffee in advance.
What foods or beverages can't I have? During the program, we'll be looking to add nutrient dense, nourishing foods. This will leave less room for the foods that are hardest for the body to digest, absorb and assimilate. For best results, you should avoid alcohol, processed foods, refined sugar, gluten, soy, eggs, dairy and artificial sweeteners during the program.

Click here to join us for the Reset and Renew 10 Day Program

April 23-May 2, 2014


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