Initially, I began taking Marjorie’s New York City yoga classes and found that her online courses are a way of taking the yoga off the mat. Through what I learned in her tele-courses, I am taking better care of myself, cooking more, and sharing some of the simple tips with my 9 year-old daughter. The changes I make impact her health for the better, as well as my own.” – Laura P

  “Marjorie’s semi-private therapeutics sessions are more like one-to-one teaching. Her concentration on each of her students with the just-right adjustment to a pose makes for a very personal and special yoga class in her warm and welcoming studio. I’m fortunate to have attended two therapeutics sessions and saw immediate results in my practice. If you’re looking to have a clearer understanding of alignment principles and how you can feel the difference in a pose when you’re in alignment, then Marjorie is the teacher for you. There’s no one better!” – Camille Gargiso  

“Marjorie’s alignment teachings have helped me manage TMJ pain. After taking one of her classes I was given the tools I needed to find ease in my shoulder and neck muscles. I found incredible length throughout my spine and the quality of my breath was enhanced. My home practice has deepened and transformed since I started taking classes with Marjorie.” – Elizabeth Gonzalez

  “Marjorie is a gifted teacher with an eagle’s eye and a healer’s heart. I especially enjoy the semi-private classes at her lovely home studio. It is the best combination of personalized attention with the energy of like-minded yogis. And Dempsey [her dog] is always available for an assist when you need him!” – Martha Roth  

“I found Marjorie’s semi-private sessions to be extremely helpful in learning how to deal with my constant lower back pain. Modified poses, a more careful approach, lucid explanations and gentle adjustments have all been beneficial. I would definitely recommend Marjorie’s classes.” – Laura Ellis Lee

  “It was so peaceful and healing to practice next to Dempsey. Thank you very much for the lovely workshop at Perry Street!” – Shiho Michishita Versoza  

“I am doing really well—an amazing difference between the last pregnancy recovery and this one. Not much swelling at all, weight coming off fast, and not much pain. I was remembering the other day that after I delivered my first daughter 4 years ago, during my first proper shower at home, I could not wash my hair thoroughly because I could not keep my hands up long enough. This time, I am strong, confident, and flexible. I know this is mainly due to yoga and the work that you and I have done on my body and mind. A great big thank you to Marjorie! My daughter is a wonderfully chilled out baby, she’s very calm and very sweet, eating well and sleeping well.” – Katya S., two weeks post-partum

  “Marjorie, your keen insight, skill as a teacher, and open heart have helped me heal injuries and inspired me further on my path as a yoga/therapeutics teacher. Your new students will find themselves in highly capable and caring hands. Thank you!” – Carl Sheusi  

“Before I started to practice yoga with Marjorie, I suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome, along with other physical ailments, and was a bit of a mess. Everything hurt, even the smallest daily activities like brushing my teeth and writing. I was constantly in pain, and every activity in my life was a struggle. I saw a number of doctors and was told surgery was inevitable. One doctor said I would have to give up my job, since my day is spent at the computer. I didn’t realize until AFTER I began practicing yoga just how much pain I’d been living with.Shortly after I began to work with Marjorie, I started to experience pain free hours, and then entire days. Today, I’m free of pain most every day, even with a busy schedule, which includes my full-time job, which I got to keep, thanks to yoga! Plus, I was able to return to my studies and continue my education. Due to yoga, I’m also now able to live without the fear of pain, because I am empowered with the tools to help myself through any painful periods with the practices I learned.” – Abigail Werwath

  “Yoga with Marjorie has helped increase my body awareness. Through yoga, I can feel myself literally settling down, which helps me during the day, and helps me to sleep more soundly at night. There are other surprising benefits to yoga, one in particular convinced me it really makes a difference. Last winter when I arrived for our weekly semi-private evening session, I was starting to come down with a terrible cold and felt awful. After the yoga session with Marjorie I felt 100% better and never got the cold after all!” – Mary Connelly  

“Before starting yoga with Marjorie, my body felt weak, and I often experienced pain in my knees. I felt tentative when moving too quickly or hurrying down the stairs to catch the subway in New York City, because I was scared at any moment my knee might give way beneath me. I actually felt old, even though I’m under 40. Yoga has given me greater strength throughout my entire body. It is definitely easier to maintain my weight, and I feel younger and more alive. I no longer feel tentative when I have to hustle around town, as my legs are now stronger, and the pain in my joints has decreased. In addition, as a professional opera singer, the yoga and breathing has been very helpful for my voice. My voice teacher has been very impressed with the progress I’ve made in the way that I use my body. Yoga has become a source of spiritual enrichment and community as well. Quite simply, yoga makes me happy, and taking yoga class with Marjorie is something I love to share with friends.”- Cherry Duke

  “Since practicing yoga with Marjorie, I have more stamina throughout my work day. As a dentist, I’m on my feet constantly, and I hear Marjorie’s voice reminding me to soften, and hold my posture more optimally so I’m not so fatigued at the end of the day.As a mother of 3 small children (ages 3, 5 and 7), I also use the breathing with the kids before bed, especially with my 7 year-old, as it helps relax him at bedtime.I’ve always been a runner, and the hip pain that I’ve experienced in the past no longer bothers me. Recently I returned to horseback riding after five years, and was jumping in just 2 lessons. My instructor remarked how open and balanced my hips were, which I attribute to the yoga.” – Cyndi Fazekas Young, DMD  

“Three years ago I wandered into Marjorie’s therapeutics class in search of some way to keep up my yoga practice despite painful shoulder problems. At that point my shoulder inhibited me from doing most yoga poses, which meant the rest of my body couldn’t get the relief it needed. I was in search of a way to do yoga in spite of my shoulder. What I found in Marjorie’s class was guidance on how to use my shoulder to do yoga in ways that didn’t create pain. There were many months when the only times I was free from pain were after Marjorie’s classes. Rather than irritating my condition, Marjorie’s classes helped me develop an understanding of what aggravated my pain—and the painless alternatives that were available to me. They allowed me to create a safe path to working with my injury and being able to use my shoulder in new and liberating ways. And while helping me create more space around my injury, the rest of my body was freed up.I continue the therapeutics classes now, even while attending more physically challenging yoga classes. There is so much to learn from Marjorie!” – Jill Danzig

  “Seven years ago, after I began to experience severe pain in both knees, I consulted a prominent rheumatologist at NYU Medical Center. After studies and x-rays, he recommended both knees be replaced promptly. I made the decision to try other options before agreeing to surgery. The physical practice I chose was yoga, and I began to study with Marjorie, working together on poses to strengthen my legs and to optimally align my walking patterns. The knee pains diminished almost completely, and I continue to practice poses I learned with Marjorie, including the “toe yoga” she emphasizes for healthier feet and a balanced lower body. Needless to say, I do not plan to have knee replacement surgery!” – Martin Leo, age 87  

“When I was first introduced to Marjorie’s class by a friend, I had been practicing with different yoga teachers over the years. What Marjorie offered seemed unique. Since the class I take is a therapeutics class, her attention to individual issues is heightened more than usual. My particular issue is a torn ACL, for which I chose not to do surgery. What I continue to learn from Marjorie is a real understanding of how the body moves and what is done habitually to cause pain, and how to work with individual conditions. I’ve learned to feel and find my back and side ribs in breathing. It’s thrilling to internalize her teachings and make them a part of my own consciousness. This all became so apparent when I was commuting between LA and NY and was unable to go to class. I was out of touch with my body and falling too frequently. Now that I’ve been back for over a year, my increased sense of strength and balance is a tribute to Marjorie and her teaching. Also, I returned with a new problem centered on my shoulders. Much work was done to improve this impingement and Marjorie always offers alternative positions. The light within truly honors the light within, Marjorie.” – Jeany Wolf

  “It’s easy when walking alone in New York City to let my mind become distracted with planning, remembering, or judging. Now that I’m practicing yoga, that mental chatter is often replaced with moments when I remember Marjorie’s instructions to make more space and align my upper body, and then I become more aware of my breathing. Even if this awareness only lasts for 2 blocks, it is a beautiful heart-opening interlude. I trust that those interludes keep adding up. At age 56, I was surprised to discover that I’m 1/4″ taller than I’ve ever been before—at an age when I “should” be shrinking! I attribute this entirely to yoga. Marjorie shares her knowledge and passion with her students, and makes a difference in the world one body at a time.” – Nicole Young  

“Marjorie is an amazing teacher. She thoughtfully creates an environment that is inspirational and nurturing. I am so grateful to Marjorie; it is because of her teaching, dedication, and support that yoga has become an integral part of my life. Three years ago I fell while ice skating. Months later I began to experience shooting pain in my head. The neurologist found no cause of the pain, but my massage therapist noticed some irregularities and sent me to the chiropractor, who found that I had 3 muscular and alignment injuries. What I was experiencing was referred to pain in my head, yet no pain at the actual sight of the injuries. Unhappy with the thought of chiropractic treatments to correct my alignment, I looked to yoga as an alternative. Fortunately, I found Marjorie at Equinox. At the beginning of each class she would ask if anyone had any issues or injuries. When I told her about my situation, she was able to observe and evaluate the alignment of my entire body, and through her teaching I was able to realign my body from the inside. When I was finally free of the pain, I went back to the chiropractor for a follow-up. He was amazed and told me that I was now in perfect alignment and incredibly strong. My massage therapist, who is also a physical therapist and acupuncturist, now recommends alignment-based yoga to his clients. He has seen firsthand how one’s body can heal as it returns to its optimum alignment through these yoga principles.” – Jane Cytryn

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