Simple Tips to Keep Your Cool this Summer: Part Two

In Part One, we covered what to eat and drink to help you stay cool. As we draw closer to the peak of summer heat, we’ll dive into additional practices to manage this month’s temperatures. Take a footbath in the evening. After showering to cool off at the end of a hot...

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Simple Tips to Keep Your Cool This Summer: Part One

The sun in the Northern hemisphere sits high in the sky this month, just a few weeks after the Summer Solstice. The early sunrise rapidly warms the atmosphere, and the sun is still shining brightly in early evening at which time it’s often the highest temperature of...

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Tips to Lighten Up this Spring, Part One

Over the winter, most of us spend a majority of time indoors in the Northern Hemisphere, simply because darkness dominates. In our Western culture, we are already sedentary to begin with, and in wintertime this excess results in stagnation in the body. In order to...

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